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Lunch – Tim Hagaman

September 2, 2015, Author: Kevin Robnett
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Created by Kevin Robnett

Hail's Holy Smoked BBQ

Tim Hagaman // State of New Mexico Economic Development Department

TT Hagaman, A Graduate of Western Illinois and OU Economic Development Institute owns the 1877 Melvin Mills Mansion and 1879 Springer House Hotel in Springer, New Mexico. He is a thirty year cancer survivor and has lived on every great Drover Cattle Trail in the Southwest since 1982.

An Eagle Scout, Tim was raised in Peoria, Illinois before returning to be closer to Philmont Scout Ranch within the original Maxwell Land Grant. A Radio Club of America Member with a twenty two year career at Motorola and GE working with Tribes led him to own the Wortley Hotel in Lincoln, NM from 1998 to 2008 and joined The State of New Mexico Economic Development Department in 2005 as Tribal Liaison.

Melvin Mills Mansion
Melvin Mills Mansion

A public historian; is a member of the Wild West History Association and an original True West Maniac since 2000. He has presented to NMHA Conference in Clayton 2005 and Las Vegas in 2014 and authored WWHA journal article in 2012. Developed story line for his Southwestern Americana Collection exhibited at the Pueblo of Acoma Sky City Museum from 2012- 2014.

His specialty is Drovers that became outlaws and lawmen in rare range brand books and maps. He is focused on writing and speaking about the history of Economic Development with comparisons of Lincoln County and Colfax County War History as it relates to the birth of the Southwest Cowboy Drover trailing cattle and sheep to the Abilene, Dodge City and Springer Railheads whom became Outlaws and Lawmen in the Old West Saloons

He is writing his first book a biography titled James F. East, Kaskaskia Drover to Tascosa, Lawman Captured Billy, the kid New Mexico Territory, Douglas, Arizona Mexican Revolution.

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