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Oktoberfest Planning Meeting

August 27, 2014, Author: Kevin Robnett
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About this event:

Created by Kevin Robnett

Zeb's, Angel Fire NM

Just to let everyone know where we stand, we have the exact location of the Country Fair, Kid Zone and Beer Tent identified and diagramed. We should have the liquor permit to the Village today for approval. We have most of the Rotary volunteers identified and should have the remainder signed up  by the end of the week. We have been emailing and will start calling potential vendors for the Country Fair and Beer Tent. Logo’s and web ads have been completed. We will have T-shirts and Beer mugs ordered today. I hope to meet with Dan today or tomorrow to focus on the marketing to attendees. Arrangements for security staff, security fencing and bus transportation from the parking lot has been made. We are still working on getting tables and chairs for the event but will have that tied down by the end of the week. Prizes for the contest have been identified and will be ready for the event.

I know time is short but things are coming together.  Please get your menus and events that you are planning for the weekend into Dan Swanson so they can be posted on the website.

Also a reminder to order your lederhosen an dirndls ASAP. I just purchased mine on ebay. There are a lot of options on the web and most vendors can deliver in two weeks or less.  Join the party and come dressed in authentic German attire.

Bret E. Wier

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