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Lunch – Raul C. Sanchez

June 20, 2014, Author: Kevin Robnett
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Created by Kevin Robnett

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Raul C. Sanchez,  Director At Large, National Association Elementary School Principals



As an educator for 40 years, Raul Sanchez has assumed a number of leadership roles on the local, regional, state and national levels.   He demonstrates high educational leadership that sets high expectations for everyone and inspires others to achieve and contribute to the educational arena.  Whether as a speaker, an officer, or an official representative, he has contributed his knowledge and skills towards the improvement of public education.  “We are a family, a team, the village that houses all the stakeholder needs – fellow administrators, students, staff, parents and community”.


His membership involvement has included: 21 years with the New Mexico Association of Elementary School Principals (NMAESP); 5 years as the NMAESP Federal Relations representative; under his leadership Ruth N. Bond Elementary was recognized as a New Mexico Model School of Excellence; 15 years on the NM Association of Bilingual Education; 2012 NAESP Board of Directors as Director At Large, Minority; 2011 served on the Superintendent’s Cabinet and Budget Committee; 2007 NM Elementary Principal of the Year; 2008 National Distinguished Principal for NM; NM Coalition of School Administrators, Service on Executive Board 2005-2006; 2006 NMAESP President; 2005 NMAESP President-Elect, NMAESP Northwestern Representative for 2 years; NM Education Department Bilingual Application Review Team 1998; NM Activities Association Coach of the Year 1990-1991.  His past community service extends from being a Sandy Koufax coach to a parish council member.


As stated by one of his previous Superintendent’s, “My first impression of Mr. Sanchez was that he was a man of principle and integrity.  He articulated quietly but convincingly the proposition that ALL students perform better in schools that acknowledge and respect their families, inclusive of cultural backgrounds.  Three decades later, he demonstrates how a principal can make that belief a daily reality for ALL children.    Through his leadership and vision, Ruth N Bond Elementary is known in the school district, region and state as a special place”.


“With all the challenges to budget cuts, accountability, student success level, and AYP, we are at the crossroads to defend what we have or create what we need.  My leadership as a teacher and administrator for 40 years is encircled with dedication and passion to pave the road to success for diverse students and staff.  The dream became reality when I was the first generation to further my education.  This instilled the desire to help others attain their dream.  Over time, many opportunities have been afforded to me to expand my stakeholder relationships, inclusive of the NAESP and NMAESP leaderships.  As the NM Federal Relations Representative, partnerships have been created with legislators and colleagues at the national and state level through continuous communication and shared knowledge. “I am continuing this journey for our NAESP members by having the honor and privilege of being appointed as Director At Large, Minority, on the Board of Directors.”


Raul lives in Farmington, NM with his wife of 39 years, Patricia, and two of their three children, Tina Sanchez and Raul P. Sanchez. The third child, Amanda Jacquez, lives in Carlsbad, NM.  He is the son of the late Ramon and Catrina Sanchez of Loving, New Mexico.

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